Place Poetry: Riverbend Music Festival, Chattanooga, Tenn.

Well here’s the thing, you’re hard to buy for. 

And it’s true: 

Why don’t your parents trust you? 

It will be, as soon as the sun goes down. 

I’m trying to think about what to tell you, other than I love you. 

I want to be gold team because if you’re gold, you’re special. 


Place poetry: I collect words from places and stitch them together. Found art, kind of. 

What are some of the things it’s too late to do? What could you start now? What will you put off until it’s too late to do? How many slices of cheddar do you use to make a grilled cheese? 

Football practice with some pretty incredible women.

(Top) Olivia Swafford of the Chattanooga Locamotion, a professional women’s football team, runs hitting drills on the field at Red Bank High School where the group practices. 

(Bottom) She and Amanda Cunningham (right) practice defense. 


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